Movie Review: “The Incredibles” (2004)

Episode 6

Combining ‘60s James Bond homage, superheroic fantasy, and domestic drama, this Pixar film focuses on a family of undercover superheroes who is forced to come out of hiding to save their father – and the world.

[three_fourth] Released in 2004, this film was written and directed by Brad Bird, and stars the voices of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Brad Bird, who was Pixar’s first outside director, developed the film as an extension of the 1960s comic books and spy films from his boyhood, as well as his personal family life. He pitched the film to Pixar after the box office disappointment of his first feature, The Iron Giant (1999), and carried over much of its staff to develop The Incredibles. The animation team was tasked with animating an all-human cast, which required creating new technology to animate detailed human anatomy, clothing and realistic skin and hair.

It was the first entirely animated film to win the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation and was Pixar’s 6th feature film.

The Incredibles is available on Amazon.

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Rating for The Incredibles:

4 planet rating

4 Planets out of 4 — Fantastic!

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